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Real Estate Analysis   
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Real Estate Analysis

Real Estate Analysis Software designed to make your next  property investment purchase your most profitable.

Before purchasing a property make sure the numbers 'stack up'.  Rental Analyst is a specialist Real Estate Analysis Software package which will examine a potential property purchase to sift out the good deals from the bad.

  • Quickly determine if your pre and post tax cashflow is going to be positive or negative.
  • The analysis will determine your expected cash return, cap. rate, LVR, DSR etc.
  • The equity analysis helps calculate your total net worth
  • Analyse your entire portfolio, including sub-entities like companies and trusts to find your buying capacity
  • Directly compare property deals against each other to find the best property investment
  • Compare the expected returns against your goals to quickly eliminate those that dont stack up
  • Perform extensive 'What If' scenarios to analyse a best or worst case scenario
  • View or print customizable graphs
  • Yearly depreciation analysis helps calculate your expected tax liability
  • With customizable tax rates, stamp duty/transfer tax rates etc, this software can adapt to your environment.

Also Available....Rental Analyst for the Pocket PC.  Analysis on site!
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Property investments are often very expensive purchasing decisions.  Wouldn't it make sense to purchase a low cost real estate investment analysis software package which could save your thousands if you made a bad property investment decision?

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