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  • Home Page
  • Download - The software install page
    • Download Pocket PC - The page where the install for the Pocket PC version of the software is available.
  • Update - The page used to download a new updated copy of the software.
    • Release Notes - The description of changes made in each software release.
  • Demo - A range of demonstrations and other resources to show you how to use the software.
    • New Property Demo - A 60 second demonstration showing how to create a new property and analyse it.
    • Pocket PC Demo - A short demo showing the Pocket PC software in action.
    • Goals Demo - A 60 second demo showing how to use goal analysis with properties.
    • Screen Shots - A series of screen shots of the software product.
  • Price - The software price list.
  • Purchase - The first page to follow the purchasing process.
  • Support - a selection of help resources.
    • FAQ - A list of frequently asked questions and their answers.
    • Contact - Ask us a support question.
  • Regional Information - A list of web sites with useful information for property investors broken down by region.
  • Links - A list of real estate related web sites
  • Newsletter - Register for our Rental Analyst newsletter to be kept informed of software changes.
  • About us - Information about our company
  • Jet4 - The Jet4.0 database engine download page.
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